Cape Town, South Africa


The world faces increasing reliance on software-intensive systems to manage quality health care services, from scheduling, billing, and health care records to the control of life-critical devices and process-guided procedures. There are important concerns about software quality, security, and privacy, user interfaces, system interoperability, process automation and improvement, and many other issues quite familiar to software engineering practitioners and researchers. 

This workshop will build upon the success of the ICSE 2008 Software Engineering in Healthcare track and the ICSE 2009 First Software Engineering in Health Care Workshop. The goal of this second workshop is to continue the development of an interdisciplinary community to identify and address the software engineering issues arising in the healthcare domain. In addition, this workshop will initiate an effort to gather a small and compelling set of benchmark case studies to form a basis for comparative evaluation and understandings. 

The submission deadline for papers has now passed. However, you can still get involved by proposing a panel discussion or other events at the workshop. We are looking forward to seeing you in Cape Town!